Thursday, July 21, 2011

What if we're wrong?

Hello again,

What if we make all of these plans and preparations and 50 years from now some industrial knight in shining armor has come to our societal rescue with the next new cheap energy?  Well, where would we stand.  If we could put together a situation where daily life included clean healthy water and food.  Organic fruits, beautiful forest, a fine organic farm and the sharing of community with friends.  If while you are walking out to sit next to some beautiful flowers and read a book you are interrupted by someone sitting and softly playing a folk guitar while singing Joan Baez.  Would this be a bad trade for the next new video game console or a nice new hybrid or alternative car?

I believe that we suffer every day that we struggle to comply with the need to satisfy a modern economy that most of us will never earn enough to feel secure in.  Why not stop the suffering now while we can and begin to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a saner approach to getting by? 

Just some thoughts from a conversation with my 14 year old son, Micah, about how to make life plans in the face of some of what's going on.  He really wants to do something that matters and would continue to matter.

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