Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spiritual Health in a Changing World

Good Morning,
There will be many emotional challenges as things begin to change.  We will face grief, fear, despair, anger, the need for compassion, and ultimately joy and triumph.  Being able to eat and house ourselves is important but it will only be valuable to us if we can stay mentally on an even keel.  I will not tell folks what their spirituality should be.  I know what mine is and where my faith lies and I encourage you to do the same.  It is important as we make decisions about how to spend our future and plan for what that future may be to realize that it will be hard at times.  The inner strength that comes from a solid spiritual foundation will both make it easier to get by ourselves and easier to help others.
The best advice I can offer right now is to allow yourself to envision your best and worst scenarios for what you think may happen and gain spiritual peace concerning those situations now so it isn't such a shock later.  Just as a warrior checks his or her armor and weapons before a battle, we need to be prepared for whatever challenges may face us.

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