Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Localization is Important

"We have yet to come to grips with our own vulnerability in this global supply system.  We in rich countries have almost lost the ability to supply our own needs through local manufacturing and agriculture-or even to extend the life of products through reuse, repair, and repurposing.  We rely on others, and on a system lubricated by cheap oil, to meet our needs as well as our wants.  In the post peak oil period, inevitable interruptions in the flow of the goods we rely on every day will be profoundly destabilizing." Bill Sheehan, Hellen Speiegelman, Executive Director and President of the Product Policy Institute. "Climate Change, Peak Oil, and The End of Waste"

There are so many aspects of our daily life for which we rely on goods and services that we have no control over and no ability to provide for ourselves.  We can pretend it will always be this way or we can decide now while we still have the resources available to learn to meet some of our own local needs.  I am not suggesting you build an ark and do everything yourself.  We are a social animal and we are both mentally and physically healthier when we function as part of a community group.

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